New Sleigh Bells Track: Tell ‘Em + Album Details

One of the bands I’ve been super excited about last year into the new year has been M.I.A.‘s N.E.E.T. signees Sleigh Bells! With just a slew of unmastered tracks scattered all over the internet the band made bells and ears ring ring all over the world. Now the duo (comprised of Derek Miller and Alexis Krauss) are ready to share their full length Treats on May 11th [as revealed by M.I.A.]!

I interviewed Sleigh Bells at Derek’s Brooklyn apartment last October and was sworn to secrecy on much of the news that is currently being reported, such a great thing to see this all come to fruition!

Check out the cover art below along with the track listing that includes a revamped version of Beach Girls titled Kids (which I was informed at Carniville features former students of Alexis singing backup!)

1 Tell ‘Em
2 Kids
3 Riot Rhythm
4 Infinity Guitars
5 Run the Heart
6 Rachel
7 Rill Rill
8 Crown On the Ground
9 Straight A’s
10 A/B Machines
11 Treats

Be sure to visit Sleigh Bells’ seizure inducing official website (naturally matching the sonic punches in the track Tell ‘Em) and catch the band on tour, most notably at HARD fest with the queen herself M.I.A.! * Special thanks to my girl Sheena Beaston for informing me of the new song!

[soundcloud url="" params="show_comments=false&auto_play=false&color=8a00ff" width="50%" height="61" ]

Stream: Sleigh Bells – Tell ‘Em [DL]

28. April 2010 by anthoNYC
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